Maximize Traffic to Your LinkedIn Profile With These Top Tips

by Gaby Gramont

For business professionals, LinkedIn is the most important social media platform around. It allows you to showcase more than you can fit into a resume. Thus, your LinkedIn profile is a powerful supplement to traditional application materials. The question now, how do you maximize LinkedIn traffic?

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Plus, recruiters and hiring managers can find you organically. Optimized profiles increase your odds of being approached with an opportunity instead of needing to seek one out. However, this option only works if your profile attracts a reasonable amount of traffic.

Whether you want to land an exciting communication job, expand your network, or increase LinkedIn traffic, use these tips.

Upload a Professional and Current Photo

While adding a photo to your resume is typically ill-advised, it is essential on LinkedIn. Profiles with photos get 21 times more views than those that don’t include one, making it a great addition if you want to increase traffic.

Just make sure your picture reflects well on you as a professional. The image needs to be clear, crisp and free of background distractions. You need to dress properly, based on your job and industry, and the image itself should be no more than a couple of years old.

Make Sure Your Headline Packs a Punch

When recruiters perform searches on LinkedIn, one of the areas the system scans is your headline. The headline section is also one of the first things people notice about your profile, making it a critical part of your first impression.

To maximize LinkedIn traffic using your headline, make sure it features keywords that are relevant to your career and/or industry. Select phrases that speak to your target audience by describing your skills or current job title, depending on whether you want to stay in your current field or make a transition.

Update Your LinkedIn URL

When you create a LinkedIn account, you are given a default URL featuring a random combination of letters and numbers. Since it doesn’t relate to you as a professional, it isn’t providing you with any value in its initial state. For example, these random characters won’t make your profile more likely to appear in a Google search when a hiring manager looks up your name.

Luckily, LinkedIn gives you the ability to customize your URL. Ideally, you want to use your first and last name for your URL. However, if your name is somewhat common, you may need to add a middle name or initial to make it unique.

Join a Few Groups

If you aren’t a member of any professional, industry or interest groups on LinkedIn, joining a few can increase your LinkedIn traffic dramatically. To find great options, head to the search bar and enter keywords that are relevant to your role or sector, then filter the results by clicking “Groups” on the left bar. Look for groups that are fairly active with obvious recent activity, and then jump in by contributing to current discussions. Over time, you’ll make connections, increasing your visibility.

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