Maximize Traffic to Your LinkedIn Profile With These Top Tips

by Susan Mullin

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of traffic to your LinkedIn profile, this blog is for you! For business professionals, LinkedIn is the most important social media platform around. It allows you to showcase more than you can fit into a resume. So that poses the question, how can you expand the reach of your LinkedIn presence?

Update Your LinkedIn URL 

Linkedin Traffic

When you create a LinkedIn account, you are given a default URL featuring a random combination of letters and numbers. Since it doesn’t relate to you as a professional, it isn’t providing you with any value in its initial state. For example, these random characters won’t make your profile more likely to appear in a Google search when a hiring manager looks up your name. Luckily, LinkedIn gives you the ability to customize your URL. Ideally, you want to use your first and last name for your URL. However, if your name is somewhat common, you may need to add a middle name or initial to make it unique. 

Join a Few Groups 

If you aren’t a member of any professional, industry or interest groups on LinkedIn, joining a few can increase your LinkedIn traffic dramatically. To find great options, head to the search bar and enter keywords that are relevant to your role or sector, then filter the results by clicking “Groups” on the left bar. Look for groups that are fairly active with obvious recent activity, and then jump in by contributing to current discussions. Over time, you’ll make connections, increasing your visibility.

Use LinkedIn QR codes in networking events

Instead of hauling around a myriad of physical business cards, you can rely on what you always have with you – your cellphone! All you have to do is access the LinkedIn app on your phone and head to the search bar. Once you tap on the search bar, you’ll see a QR code icon to the right, click on it and you will get your LinkedIn profile code and the option to scan someone else’s code. This makes it much easier to find other people and connect immediately, rather than waiting to get home to start sending those LinkedIn invites.

Turn on Linkedin Creator Mode

Put simply it’s a profile setting that allows you to reach more individuals across the platform. This mode allows you access to more creator tools and features such as LinkedIn Live. The “connect” button in your profile becomes “follow.” Your original content gets highlighted by having the Featured and Activity sections first on your profile. Once you meet the necessary criteria, you can be selected as a recommended creator to follow on LinkedIn, making it easier for prospective followers to discover you and your content on the platform.

Create a personal newsletter

This is a feature that can be used on an individual level as well as for company accounts. Note that you can only use it from a personal page if you have activated the Linkedin Creator mode mentioned above and if you meet the “access criteria.” If you’re regularly sharing original content such as text posts, graphics, and polls then you should consider creating a newsletter where you highlight the top content of each month. You can use recycled content (aka content you’ve posted that month) or save exclusive content for the newsletter and advertise it as such. 

Write articles

If you don’t want to commit to creating a newsletter with regular editions then you can just stick to writing a variety of short and long-form content from time to time. You don’t have to put on Creator Mode for this. 

LinkedIn is an ever-evolving platform that’s constantly coming out with new features. It’s important to keep up to speed with the newest developments and optimize your profile if you want to maximize traffic to there!

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