Meet the Team: Jen Todd, Senior Client Service Manager

by Susan Mullin

By Autumn Conrad

If you’ve worked with TorchLight, chances are you’ve connected with Jen Todd, our Senior Client Service Manager who keeps the trains on the tracks and meetings between our clients, candidates, and our team running smoothly.

Headshot of Jen Todd
TorchLight Senior Client Service Manager: Jen Todd

Jen joined TorchLight as employee #3 in 2012 and has 13 years of staffing experience. In this interview, we Zoomed with Jen to talk to her about her role with TorchLight and her thoughts on the evolution of the recruiting industry. And fun fact: before Jen was a recruiter, she herself was recruited by the FBI. Given her shrewd eye for detail and unwavering reliability, this came as no surprise to us! While Jen’s role is largely behind the scenes, it’s a critical part of our success.

You can watch the video of Jen’s full interview here and read highlights below.

How have you seen the recruiting industry change since you first started?

So much has changed on both the client-side and candidate side. We used to do all of our interviews in-person of course before we had the luxury of video conferencing. And on the client-side, we used to fax resumes to clients for review. We also used to post ads in the newspaper for jobs!

What is your favorite recruiting story?

I don’t have a specific story, but my favorite thing about recruiting is helping someone find a job. There is nothing better than helping someone who might be struggling with their job search and helping them find their dream job.

What do you love most about your role on the client services side of TorchLight?

In my role, I get to work with candidates and clients throughout the entire process scheduling interviews, onboarding, and so on. During this process, I really get to build relationships and that is my passion. And even after someone starts a new job with one of our clients, I stay connected, even on a personal level. So the relationships are the best part for me.

What is the best advice you can give to candidates on a job search during COVID?

Be flexible! Right now is a challenging time and a lot of us are being asked to step out of our comfort zone. We might be asked to be extremely flexible with our time, get on video calls and interviews, etc. It’s a time to expand and stretch.

What advice do you have for clients hiring during COVID?

I say, go for it! There are a lot of amazing candidates out there right now so it’s a great opportunity for companies to bring on strong talent. Also, interviewing candidates right now gives clients a chance to see how flexible and adaptable candidates are.

What advice do you have for keeping sane and productive working at home during COVID?

Have a dedicated space for everyone to work and have boundaries/rules about when people can come into that space.

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