Mentorship and promotion for remote workers: Tips for managers and employees

by Gaby Gramont

Remote worker mentorship and promotion

As organizations head back to the office, opportunities for mentorship and promotion of remote workers are in question. Does working from home equal less visibility and therefore fewer possibilities for growth and advancement than in-office employees? Can remote workers make the connections with senior staff and other mentors to help them ascend to higher-profile roles and projects?

Many companies are grappling with these important questions and how to ensure a level playing field for all employees. What can organizations, managers and employees do to ensure both in-office and remote workers have the same opportunities?

How to stay top of mind—3 tips for remote workers:

1) Communicate, communicate, communicate. Make sure you frequently touch base with managers and team members, so they are aware of your priorities and successes.

2) Find a team member to advocate for you and ensure you are pulled into key discussions. This buddy system ensures you are dialed in and a part of important conversations and meetings.

3) Proactively seek out mentors. Mentorship sometimes happens organically in an office due to proximity. You’ll need to connect with potential mentors more actively from home and set up regular meeting times to catch up.

How to ensure parity for remote workers—3 tips for managers:

1) Data, data, data – regularly review (or set up) reports on pay and promotion to gauge and correct disparities between remote and in-office employees.

2) Once the office reopens, work from home for a week and identify what obstacles exist so that you can address them. In addition, poll your remote employees to get a sense of how connected and visible they feel.

3) Work with HR to start a remote worker mentorship program—this will make it easier for remote workers to connect with mentors in the office and help them build these key relationships.

As organizations reopen and the remote workforce continues to grow, there are clear things remote workers, colleagues and their managers can do to help everyone grow and flourish in the hybrid work environment. We’d love to hear your ideas on ways to increase remote worker opportunities for promotion and mentorship—join our discussion on LinkedIn or email us at marketing@torchlighthire.

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