Our Commitment to the Black Lives Matter Movement

by Susan Mullin

TorchLight Hire stands with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Live Matter logo

At TorchLight, we are committed:

  • To discovering how we can better support the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • To listening to different voices so we can continue to learn and begin to understand the message.
  • To empathizing and learning how we can help.
  • To speaking up when we see injustice rather than remaining silent.
  • To confronting our fears of saying something wrong.
  • To imparting kindness whenever and wherever we can.
  • To recognizing that we don’t have the answers but can be part of the solution.
  • To being human.


To learn more on how to support Black Lives Matter and marginalized groups in your community, check out these resources:

Have questions about TorchLight’s diversity initiatives? Read over our diversity statement and feel free to email us or reach out on LinkedIn.

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