Two hands shaking after hiring a candidate using Torchlight's hiring advice

A combination of important factors go into making the right hire. From job descriptions to reference checks and outside recruiters, these recruiting tips are designed to help you navigate the recruiting and hiring process smoothly and effectively.

> Do your job descriptions attract the right candidates?

The DC area is filled with top marketing and communications talent. When trying to fill a new role, your job description needs to do more than simply list tasks and duties. Read more to learn more about how to best appeal to your hiring targets. Read More

> Social Media Manager job descriptions: 7 tips to attract and hire the right candidates

Now that you have the basic knowledge to write a quality job description, use these suggestions to tailor it to a Social Media Manager role. Read more

> 7 tips to help you write effective Digital Marketing Manager job descriptions

Get the top talent for your Digital Marketing Manager position with these 7 tips! Read more

> Why internal candidates are worth a look

When filling a new role, hiring managers sometimes focus more on outside candidates than qualified internal team members. Here are some tips to ensure you aren’t missing a great candidate right under your nose (or outside your office!). Read more

> How to get more value out of reference checks

As we all know, reference checks are a great way to learn more about your candidates–but are you getting the most of out them? Check out our tips on how to ensure you are getting more value out of candidate reference checks. Read more

> Getting the most out of your staffing firm relationship

More and more organizations are turning to staffing companies to fulfill their recruitment needs. When choosing a staffing firm, take the time to learn about their approach and make sure it truly fits your needs. Read more

> Understanding the Gen Z workforce

As the oldest Gen Z-ers graduate college and join the working world, hiring managers need to understand their values and priorities to make the best hires, as well as motivate and retain these young employees. Read more