Remote work and productivity: How productive are you now?

by Julie Rutherford

This past June, TorchLight conducted a Remote Work Survey focused on various aspects of working at home during the pandemic. During the first three months of COVID-19 (March-May), respondents were surprised by how much they enjoy working remotely, as well as the
level of productivity they were able to achieve with home as their base.

The findings were intriguing:

  • 75% reported being more productive overall
  • 68% found it easier to focus at home

Now that school is back in session and we’ve all been working remotely for six months, we are interested in how employee productivity may have changed.

Are you more or less productive than you were during the first few months of the pandemic? Please take our poll below and see how your answer compares to other respondents.

How productive are you working from home now as compared to earlier in the year (mid-March-June)?
remote work and productivity

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