4 Apps Every Social Media Marketer Should Have on Their Phone for Image Editing

by Gaby Gramont

Marketers spend a great deal of time preplanning their social media posts, but scheduled posts aren’t enough to create meaningful connections with users.  To create truly authentic social feeds, marketers must be able to use their smartphones to capture events and photos or create memes on the go, as things happen in real-time. However, those images must look as professional as preplanned visual content. Here are four apps every social media marketer should have on their smartphone for image editing.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express allows users to create images and videos in a way that maximizes brand engagement. It allows for the creation of graphics, web stories and even animated videos from both desktop and mobile environments. Express is a specific app within Adobe that can create text and images for memes, physical posters, Facebook ads and banners, featured Twitter images and more.  It is easy to use and ensures professional-quality visual content on the go.

Addy Photo Editor

Text enhancements, filters and stickers are all the rage on social media, and Addy allows users to enhance photos with whimsical add-ons similar to the enhancements you find on Snapchat. This photo editor is for creating more fun and light-hearted designs, rather than buttoned-up professional shots. It’s perfect for brands that want to connect with a younger audience and companies with a playful brand image.

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Layout from Instagram

Getting images to stand out on social media can be a challenge. Layout From Instagram allows users to create fun picture collages with a few taps of the finger. Collages can be made using existing photos, by taking new photos or a photo burst, or any combination of the three. Though Layout was designed for Instagram, an Instagram account is not necessary for this app. It is compatible with Facebook and other platforms, as well.

Canva Graphic Design and Photo Editing

Canva started as a free graphic design tool to help people create amazing layouts without needing a graphic design degree or advanced Photoshop experience. Canva has expanded into mobile photo editing, and users can enhance images, add text and stickers, and develop high-quality visual content, promotions and visual ads from their smartphone.

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