Four Reasons Social Media for Personal Branding is Crucial for Marketing Job Hunters

by Gaby Gramont

According to recent hiring studies, as many as 60 percent of employers regularly use social media to research candidates when filling marketing and communications jobs in DC. This means it is more important than ever to make sure your personal brand is well represented on these sites to help you stand out from the competition.

Here’s why personal branding will continue to grow in importance in 2018 and beyond for marketing professionals:

Creating Cohesion

You’ve heard it said that it takes three times for a single message to “stick.” The same is true of social media content. By cementing your personal brand across your public social media profiles, you build a single, cohesive picture of who you are as a person. While this may not seem crucial on the surface, it allows prospective employers to consider what kind of employee you are likely to be.

When your social media profiles don’t create a cohesive personal brand or are vastly different in tone, content and presentation of who you are, hiring managers may have questions about which version of “you” they are hiring.

Demonstrating Your Expertise

Often, personal branding is focused on a specific skill set, allowing you to establish yourself as an expert (or at least highly knowledgeable) in your chosen field. When you are trying to entice a potential employer into extending an offer, being able to thoroughly demonstrate you have the proper combination of skills and experience is vital, and personal branding on social media is an excellent medium for this task, as you often aren’t as limited as you may be when writing a resume.

Differentiating Yourself

Ultimately, developing a personal brand gives you a mechanism for separating yourself from the pack. You have the ability to express your style and perspective in a way that cannot be easily accomplished through traditional application materials.

When you have a strong personal brand, you may stand out from the crowd, allowing you to intrigue prospective employers who feel your skills and perspective could be valuable.

Finding Culture Matches

A personal brand speaks to who you are as an employee. In a world where employers are as concerned with how you fit in with the culture of the company as in your skills and experience, being able to express your needs, preferences and work style is more important than ever. Showcasing these preferences can help you connect with employers whose workplace environments are likely to be a good fit.

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