How to Source a New “Top Employee” in DC When a Team Leader Leaves for Another Opportunity

by Susan Mullin


It happens to the best of employers. The day comes when one of your shining stars announces they are resigning to accept another job – leaving you with a sudden, gaping opening that you feel pressured to fill. How do you source a new employee? Another A-player?

Working with a marketing staffing agency is the best way to begin. While no single solution fits every situation, there are a number of key elements and tactics that help drive your successful talent acquisition strategy.

Understand the Process

In the event of a key employee departure, it’s important to understand your needs, as you quickly activate your hiring process.

Define your ideal candidate.

Recruiting without a clear picture of your target hire is a waste of time and money. Make sure the job description matches.

Identify where people with the needed skills and personality are today.

Look beyond just your competition. By thinking outside the box, you’re more likely to gain an advantage over those who are stuck in a traditional hiring mindset. Know where the right people are, what they read and who they turn to as influencers. Then, you can customize your recruiting activities for the best possible ROI.

Consider these proven sources for high-performance talent:

1. Focused advertising

More than any other decision, your choice of where to place recruitment ads is what will impact results. You may want to work backwards: from prospective and passive candidates to your own company. Ask existing employees what websites they visit and which publications they read. Their answers will help drive your advertising media mix.

2. Employee referrals

Your current superstar employees will always be one of your best recruitment sources. Offer incentives to those who make successful referrals. Encourage people to be constantly on the lookout for solid prospects. Remember: Successful people tend to associate with others just like themselves.

3. Competitor monitoring

Your competitors are a prime employee recruiting source. Follow what’s happening with them and be aware of any changes that might make top talent available. See how your competitors treat prospective hires – and make it your goal to do better.

4. Taking it back to school

Work with college and university placement offices. Often, you can post your opening for review by their students. Also, find out if you or your top employees’ alumni groups have websites or other venues to advertise your position. On-campus job fairs can be talent gold mines.

5. Optimizing your online presence

Have a user-friendly button that points job seekers directly to the Careers page on your company website. Make sure everything about your site makes people want to work for you. You have unlimited space to toot your corporate horn. Use LinkedIn, niche job boards and other relevant platforms as a means of driving people back to your site.

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