Social Media Manager Job Descriptions: 7 Tips to Attract and Hire the Right Candidates

by Susan Mullin

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If you plan to hire a social media manager, you need the right job descriptions. You want to attract candidates with the skills you need—and weeds out those who don’t. The right social media manager job description can save you a lot of time. No need to screen unqualified candidates! What specific skills do they need? What platforms and software? Channel expertise?

Here’s a checklist to help you write effective social media manager job descriptions:

Do the responsibilities include organic and paid social media marketing?

If the job is focused on both organic and paid social programs, clearly outline that. This is because some professionals specialize in one or the other. If they haven’t managed paid social campaigns, paid search or other paid advertising experience should translate.

Does the social media manager oversee an enterprise program or a limited number of accounts?

Enterprise social media management is a different beast than managing one or two brand pages. Implementation and coordination is completely different. You need to specifically state responsibilities. If you want someone to manage numerous accounts, collaborate with stakeholders, and manage company-wide programs, say so.

What social media channel expertise do they need?

If you need an expert on channels beyond the basics (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), list them out. Again, clearly state what you are looking for. Experienced candidates can certainly learn best practices for additional channels, but why not find someone who already knows? If you require them to hit the ground running on other channels like WhatsApp, WeChat, or Reddit, say so.

Does the position require working knowledge of a specific social media platform?

While most platforms are easy for social media managers to figure out, make sure to specify which one matters most. Do this just in case they aren’t familiar with what you use. This will help you figure out what kind of training they may need to effectively implement social programs.

What design and/or copywriting skills do they need?

Some social media managers have experience with internal or agency copywriters and designers to create content and graphics. While most social experts have good writing skills, they may not have design experience. If you need them to be a one-person show, outline that so there are no surprises in the first week!

What analytics tools and level of proficiency are necessary?

Most social marketing types know how to run basic reports provided by social media platforms. As a next step, assess how you need these metrics translated into social program optimization. And if you need some level of proficiency in Google Analytics, list that in the “Required Skills” section.

Does the role include a customer service function?

Some organizations smartly use their social channels as an outlet for customer questions and feedback. Not every person has this specific experience. Thus, be sure to include this if you need it at a deeper level than the occasional customer issue.

We hope this checklist helps you create social media marketing job descriptions!

If you put in the effort upfront, you’ll reap the rewards during the screening and hiring process. More qualified candidates will apply for your role, save time, and hopefully find that social media expert you need! Visit our Hiring Manager Toolkit to find more workplace management tips.

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