Why All Marketers Should Be Focusing on Google My Business

by Susan Mullin

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Google has long offered numerous ways for companies to promote their products and services. However, many of the services were decentralized, making the process of keeping the organization’s information up to date cumbersome. Now, with Google My Business support, companies can access an all-in-one solution to assist with marketing efforts. If you aren’t familiar with Google My Business, here is why all marketers should focus on the offering starting now.

Control Your Profile Information

Google creates local business listings using information from multiple sources, including user edits and third-party providers. Since you don’t have full control over these sources, inaccuracies can occur, harming the quality of your listing.

With Google My Business, you have the ability to control your profile information. When you sign up, Google issues a PIN, creating a verification step for making edits. This can help prevent updates that include information you haven’t approved, ensuring everything remains correct and complete.

Now, the PIN can only be sent to you either through the mail (sent to the company’s address) or on the phone (using the company’s number). This ensures that only those who are authorized get access to the PIN. Even if you opt for phone delivery, a physical address and mailing address are required.

Enhance Your Company Profile

Once you have your PIN in hand, you also have the ability to add information.

You can upload business photos, write a detailed description, update your hours and address, and even add videos. Plus, you have the ability to offer customers coupons directly from the profile and use real-time updates to keep everyone apprised of changing details, like weekly specials.

These enhancements can not only improve the appearance and thoroughness of your listing but also potentially expand your reach, creating a substantial amount of value.

At the end of the month, Google will send you an automated email letting you know how many individuals asked for directions, visited your website, or called you as a direct result of your Google My Business listing.

Take Action on Insights

The helpful Google My Business dashboard provides your company with access to a range of metrics, bringing together information from your Google+ page as well as any YouTube channels and your Google Analytics account. This centralizes a lot of your data sources, making the resulting insights more meaningful.

Additionally, you can start Google AdWords Express campaigns directly from the dashboard and even monitor and manage their performance. The dashboard serves as a central hub for nearly all things Google, making it an asset to any marketing professional.

Google My Business can offer large and small companies more control over how they appear to consumers and provides centralized performance data to help you better optimize your marketing campaigns on their platforms. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth looking into as an important way to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

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