Marketing Automation Jobs: 5 Must-have Skills to Succeed

by Susan Mullin

More than ever, employers are looking for marketing automation experts to help drive results. Do you have what it takes?

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So you’re interested in marketing automation jobs. Maybe you already have a job in this area but want a better one. Maybe you’d like to learn more about marketing automation in general or add more relevant skills to your resume. Whatever your goals are, there are a number of specific skills that employers are looking for.

Here are 5 key areas of expertise you must have to excel in a marketing automation job: 

1. Strong overall marketing acumen.

First, in order to work effectively within your overall marketing department, you need to understand general marketing principles and campaign concepts. This means you have a grasp of overall campaign goals, intended audiences, and related targets. After all, to implement marketing automation programs, you need to know what their target outcomes are.

2. Understanding of automated workflows/processes.

Do you know how to define and outline the technical and functional requirements required to set up automated campaigns? What about developing lead qualification, scoring, and assignment processes? You need to have a strong working knowledge of these areas, as well as the ability to connect drip and trigger-based campaigns and workflows to campaigns and automation programs.

3. Deep knowledge of data analytics.

True marketing automation specialists are immersed in data on a daily basis. You must know how to set up data tracking, interpret data, make recommendations for optimization–and help marketing managers and other stakeholders understand performance and next steps. Not only do you have to understand the data, but understand it enough to communicate that information to team members who might not be as data-savvy.

4. Expert project management and stakeholder communication.

With so many moving parts, strong project management and communication skills are crucial to marketing automation jobs. To move your projects forward and meet expected timelines and deliverables, you need to create and manage detailed project plans with many stakeholders and decision-makers in a collaborative, proactive way. 

5. Marketing automation platform expertise.

Whether you have experience with Marketo, Eloqua, ExactTarget/Pardot or one of many other automation platforms out there, you need to have a mastery of the tools and functionality of these kinds of platforms to hit the ground running. Feel you may be lacking? Explore YouTube tutorials, or consider enrolling in a platform’s certification program to brush up on and learn new skills pertaining to their software.

As you can see, marketing automation jobs require expertise in a number of important areas.

Skills range from general know-how to highly specific abilities including technical, creative, operations, data and project management. If you don’t have strong skills in all of these areas, look for an online class. Platforms like LinkedIn Learning, HubSpot Academy, and many others are full of tutorials and courses to help you build your expertise and grow your career.

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