What Surprises Top D.C. Hiring Managers’ New Year’s Resolution Lists? Political Neutrality.

by Gaby Gramont

TorchLight, one of the Washington, D.C. region’s No. 1 marketing recruiters, shares how to do it right.

Washington is a place of its own, home to thousands of political marketers and communicators who regularly go into battle over legislation, issues and hotly contested campaigns for office. Now that the campaign season is over, many of these hardworking and talented professionals may be looking for their next opportunity with your organization. In an election that has left many of us feeling divided, how do you get past political affiliations on a resume to see the true talent of a candidate?

1. Think not about who the candidate worked for, but what he or she learned.

Political teams now must employ sophisticated digital marketers, skilled message-makers and social media gurus just to compete. They are often deadline-driven, open to trying new tactics, and exceedingly loyal. These are qualities that many local companies would pay a high premium for in today’s market, and candidates with these skill sets should be taken very seriously.

2. Look at personality.

Beyond skills, political staffers are typically hard workers and able to work in high-pressure environments. That kind of intensity can either be a real asset to your team or something that could be radically out of place. So before falling in love with a candidate, just because he or she happened to work for an organization or politician you admire, make sure it’s a good culture fit.

3. Consider diversity.

Modern workplaces have learned that they gain a great deal when they employ teams that feature men, women, baby boomers, and people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. We should look at candidates from with other political beliefs the same way. Diversity of thought can bring new perspectives to organizations, take us outside of our comfort zones and allow us to solve problems in new ways.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that it’s not always easy to be politically blind, even for those of us who don’t work on the Hill or for special interest groups. But if you commit to opening your mind to people with different beliefs, you could very well enrich your organization in new ways you never thought possible.

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