Five Crucial Questions for CMOs – from TorchLight Marketing President Beth Wallace

by Susan Mullin

In another segment from our recent webinar, “The Future of CMOs,” President of TorchLight Marketing Beth Wallace shares five crucial questions today’s CMOs need to consider in order to be successful in their roles.

Beth: You know, when we think about traditional CMO, we think about the builder of the brand, the chief storyteller that I mentioned earlier, and, you know, that’s still really important, but it’s not enough anymore.

When I think about the role, I kind of boil it down to creating connections, and I think about five questions around creating connections.

 First of all, what’s your brand strategy that connects your company with your consumers? So how do you build that connection between the company and the consumer?

Then how do you align organizational goals, which are often sales goals with customer needs? Then with technology, how do you find the technology that’s going to enable a strong and authentic customer connection? What are the tools that will help you connect? What are the measurement tools that will connect your marketing activities to your revenue goals?

Then finally, how can you better connect the dots for management so that they can see your impact and see the value of marketing.

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