Kristin Havrilla

by Marketing

Kristin is an information gatherer who loves nothing more than learning about as many topics as possible. She put this skill to good use in support the TorchLight team. Her role includes a variety of tasks, from onboarding new contractors and assisting with their benefits to support of administrative operations for the TorchLight team.

She brings nearly two decades of experience in the banking sector, where she was a manager for seven years. While there, her passion for HR and operational excellence grew as she coached employees and guided customers. Raised in a family of musicians and writers, Kristin loves supporting creative professionals on their career journey. 

Kristin lives in Arlington, VA with one cat, one dog, and an amazing partner. In her spare time, Kristin is usually found running Dungeons & Dragons games for friends or providing the occasional corporate voice-over. “Your call is important to us!”

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