Junior Candidates

How to get your start in the workforce

From finding an internship to building a network of contacts, making the most of your college course load, improving your resume, finding an entry-level job, and more. Our team has it all!

> Getting That Entry-Level Job

Use our Senior Year Checklist to prepare for graduation and the job search that comes with it. Your final year of college is finally here. Where did the time go? Everyone keeps mentioning the dreaded “J” word (job search!), and you feel like dropping out of school is becoming a more appealing option with every passing day.  Are you trying for an entry-level job in DC? Law school in LA? A Gap Year abroad? No idea?

> How to Write a Great Entry-Level Resume (With Little to No Experience)

When you’re applying for an entry-level job, it can seem almost impossible to beef up the experience section of your resume when you have virtually none to include. Internships aren’t the only way to highlight your skills and abilities—here’s how you can fill up a resume as much as possible when you are just starting out.

> How to Balance Your Internship During the Semester

Balancing an internship when you have a full course load can be quite a challenge. Today we are joined by our social media intern Madi Grogan who offers insight into how she manages her current social media internship with her spring semester coursework while still having a good work-life balance!

> The Confidence Gap & Imposter Syndrome

Plenty of people experience what’s known as the Imposter Syndrome. Read on to learn what you can do about feelings of inadequacy in the workplace associated with it.

> How to Deal With an Unstructured Boss

No one likes an unstructured boss – lack of clarity and guidance can make it very difficult to do a job properly. Here’s how to deal with it

> 4 Ways to Make the Most of What’s Left of Your Internship

Don’t let your internship be another box to just tick off your “must do before graduating from college” list. You still have the opportunity to get a lot of what’s left of the experience and help build your professional profile!

> Ask the Recruiter: Avoid These 2 Resume Mistakes

Our Senior Director of Recruiting Operations & Engagement, Heather Pederson, answers some of your burning questions about the job application process —how to avoid resume mistakes, best present your weaknesses, what to ask hiring managers, and more.