Julie Lowe

by Susan Mullin

Julie has a knack for building strong internal cultures as well as candidate and client partnerships. Not only can she design and deliver an impeccable employee experience – she’s made it a daily practice. Julie began her 20-year career working in the hospitality industry. It was there that Julie found her passion for working with people to build their careers and grow the organization. This passion led her to work with a wide range of employers in a variety of industries from food service to government contractors, military branches, and many others.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations/Journalism, with a minor in Psychology, from California State University, Long Beach. She is passionate about LGBTQ+ rights as well as the rights of individuals with disabilities and shares her time and talent to support these issues. She enjoys remote work living where she can spend time with her family by the pool at her new home in St. Louis.

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