Candidate Spotlight: Q&A with TorchLight Candidate Betsy Spiros

by Susan Mullin

Many of our candidates have become clients, as was the case with Betsy Spiros, a candidate we initially placed with a leading higher education institution

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Betsy Spiros

As one of DC’s leading marketing and communications recruiters, TorchLight is hired by local companies seeking top talent. We do that well and we get to know candidates very well to ensure the right match. Also, we take pride in staying connected with our candidates beyond the initial interview and hiring process. In fact, many of our candidates have become clients. For example, we now work with Betsy Spiros, a candidate we initially placed with a leading higher education institution. Read what Betsy has to say about working with the team at TorchLight as both a candidate and a client:

How did you get connected with TorchLight?

Betsy: A longtime friend who is in the same field (advertising and marketing) had worked with TorchLight when she was recruited for a position with a TorchLight client. She had a great experience and referred me. I hadn’t worked with a recruiting firm before so I wasn’t entirely sure of the process when I started. I trusted my friend’s recommendation and was ready for a new challenge.

What is your professional background? 

Betsy: I have a background in marketing and advertising, specifically in consumer branding. I had worked in agencies across a variety of channels and accounts and was ready for the next step in my career. That is where TorchLight came in. I connected with TorchLight and then, when they were searching for candidates with my skill set for a specific client, they were in touch to discuss the opportunity.

How did you find working with a recruiting firm beneficial for your search?

Betsy: I immediately connected with TorchLight and the team to make sure I was in their database of candidates. Because most of TorchLight’s staff has a background in marketing and have made their own career transitions, they are all relatable. They understood me, where I was professionally, and how my skills would translate from agency-side to an in-house role.

What advice would you give candidates and clients about working with a recruiter like TorchLight?

Betsy: Trust them! As a candidate, I was used to working for very different brands and clients than my current company, but my recruiter was so in tune with the culture and personality of the company where they placed me that it has turned out to be the perfect fit. Now as a client I see first-hand how thorough TorchLight’s vetting process is. They are about quality vs. quantity. Today, now working with TorchLight as a client, I know they stand behind the candidates they send me – in both skillset and cultural fit. The recruiters have really taken the time to understand me and our business needs and that really saves me time.

Thanks for your time, Betsy Spiros. Keep up the good work!

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