Going Beyond the Blog: 5 Things You Should Do With Every Piece of Blog Content

by Gaby Gramont

Unless your company blog is as popular as Buzzfeed, you will have to do more than just post an article and wait for the visitors to roll in. Optimizing and promoting blog content is critical if you want to boost your website visits and generate more sales. If you are hiring for content marketing employment in Washington, make sure every candidate you talk to knows to do these five things with every piece of blog content.

Integrate SEO

You may have created the most compelling blog post ever written, but it won’t do much good if it’s not indexed highly on search engines. Once a piece has been written, scan through and list out its major themes. From there, run those themes through the Google AdWords keyword planner tool and integrate at least three of those phrases into the post title, the content itself, the blog URL and tags.

Syndicate It

Never underestimate the power of the RSS feed. This is a quick and simple method of syndication that allows your blog post to show up in many different feeds, including social media. Using RSS feeds saves you the time of manually pushing content out across several platforms.

Buffer It

Posting to social media is important to gain exposure for your blog articles, but a one-and-done approach won’t help boost a post. Use a tool like Buffer to ensure your content never “dies.” Once a post is complete, you can schedule Buffer to re-post it to your social media profiles again at a later date, to ensure your content gets in front of as many eyes as possible.

Have Employees Push It

Employees can be wonderful brand advocates. When a blog post is live, send a link out to the entire team, and ask people to post it to their LinkedIn profiles and any professional social media pages they may keep for their own branding purposes. This can be a great way to expose your content to audiences outside your core follower base.

Send It to Sales

Salespeople are always in need of relevant content they can use to send to clients and prospects. They use content as a way to educate their contacts, establish and strengthen relationships, and it often helps them open a door to discussion when a lead is turning cold. When a post goes live, craft an email to sales that includes a link to the post and a few bullet points they can use in their own emails. This may not boost traffic as much as the other tactics, but it can help in terms of relationship-building with clients.

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