How to Create Engaging Marketing Presentations With AI Tools

by Susan Mullin

AI’s current use in content creation is widespread. Professionals are using it for blog writing, social media marketing content, email marketing, you name it. Have you considered using AI to simplify other tasks, like presentations? 

The role of AI in presentations is multifaceted. It has redefined how we approach design, streamlining the process, and offering suggestions for slide layouts, color schemes, fonts, graphics and photos in line with your content’s context and intent. But the magic of AI doesn’t stop at design. It also plays a crucial role in content creation. By analyzing the main theme of your presentation, AI can suggest relevant data points, generate text summaries, or even create entire slides. It’s like having a team of expert content creators and researchers at your disposal, reducing your workload and ensuring that your content is coherent, engaging, and packs a punch. 

AI Presentation Design Tools

Let’s delve into the AI tools that can help you with presentation design. Take Canva as an example – it’s easy to use, free, and equipped with AI! If you log into the Canva website, start by clicking “Presentation” as a template. 

screenshot of blank canva presentation

Using the little spark emoji on the bottom right of the page, also known as the Canva Assistant, you can start designing your presentation. 

Click on “Magic Design” and write 5 or more words to describe the topic you are presenting on:

screenshot of magic design tool on canva for drafting ai presentations

For example, let’s say you wanted to make a presentation on “Key Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023.” You can simply put that phrase in the Magic Design prompt and press enter.

screenshot of magic design prompt box with the text "key marketing trends to watch in 2023"

Canva will then come up with several template styles that you can choose from. If you have branded colors, uploaded logo images and fonts it can then create templates that follow your brand guidelines. This comes quite in handy when creating brand-friendly presentations and saves you from picking the hex #s of your company colors.

screenshot of canva's "choose a design" page

You can then go ahead and select one of the templates and create your presentation. The helpful thing is that it comes up with several topics and slides to give you ideas for how to space out your content. It’s great as a blueprint if you’re feeling stuck in the creative department and need something to start out with. 

screenshot of example slide deck with blue background and white text created by canva ai

Presentation Copywriting with AI 

The idea is for you to be the one to come up with the content, at least in a raw format, and then have AI help you put it all together.  Often when creating a presentation or putting together another deliverable we have a bunch of scrawny notes vaguely outlining the general ideas that we want to hit but it’s easy to get stuck in the actual combining of the elements. At the end of the day, a quality presentation will need to have human effort behind it. AI should be used to enhance human work, not replace it. The beauty of AI is that it can help you put together something out of disparate pieces. 

The Magic of ChatGPT

If you want another free AI tool to help you out with the actual written content, you can get ChatGPT to do so. Since presentations are meant to have limited words reduced to bullets on a slide, ChatGPT is a good go-to.  Continuing with the above example of “Marketing trends to watch in 2023”, you can input the research and stats you have about each trend and have it create presentation notes for you. Then, after revising and editing the notes to reflect what you want to speak about, you can ask ChatGPT to consolidate the script for each trend into three succinct bullet points. These will go in your slides. 

You can make the bullets creative and spiffy – it’s all up to what you command ChatGPT to do! Here’s an example. We asked ChatGPT the following: 

“I’m doing an AI presentation about marketing AI trends to watch in 2023. My trends are video personalization and influencers. Each one is going to be its own slide. Can you come up with three succinct but witty bullets for each?” 

This was the generated response:

Slide 1: Video Lights, Camera, Conversion! 🎥: Video content continues to dominate the marketing sphere, captivating audiences and boosting conversion rates. Lights, camera, action – it’s time for brands to shine on the small screen! 

Binge-Worthy Branding 🍿: With consumers spending more time streaming their favorite shows and videos, marketers have a golden opportunity to create binge-worthy branded content that keeps viewers hooked, engaged, and reaching for the popcorn. 

The “Reel” Deal 🎞️: Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have revolutionized the way brands connect with their audience. By harnessing the power of short, snappy video formats like reels and stories, marketers can grab attention and make a lasting impression in a flash!

Obviously, you’d want to trim it to fewer words but the witty titles are a great way to keep a presentation entertaining. The beauty of AI is that you can act as if it’s a team member or intern, you can keep going and say “Can you make it shorter?”

Always remember that ChatGPT is only updated through the fall of 2021, so you don’t want to use it to actually write the content, in this case, marketing trends of 2023. The statistics and information will be outdated and irrelevant. Rather, use this base language to inspire your presentation and create an energetic tone to keep the audience on their feet. 


We know AI can be intimidating and overwhelming, with a new technology/program coming out almost every day claiming to make your life significantly easier. At the same time, it can be just as overwhelming as you start feeling FOMO (fear of missing out) because you are not taking advantage of AI tools and platforms. Start using simple platforms like Canva and free ChatGPT which are free and play around with them a bit to simplify your tasks such as presentations. AI is truly about trial and error and it’s up to you to decide how it can work for you!

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