Four Team Builders to Help Your Team Refocus and Re-Energize For Q4

by Gaby Gramont

The fourth quarter can be a busy time of year for marketing teams.

As days get shorter and the holidays approach, it can be difficult to keep people energized and focused. Now is a great time to start thinking about how you can use team builders to help your team stay energized through the holidays and into the new year.

Visit the Escape Room

Escape Rooms have become a favorite team-building exercise. Participants are locked in a room and they have one hour to solve puzzles in a certain order to prevent a “disaster” or to “escape.”  Escape rooms get the team off-site and force them to problem-solve together on non-marketing-related issues. After the games are over, take the group out to lunch and give them the rest of the afternoon free.

Pass the Positivity

team building activityGather the group on Monday mornings and play Pass The Positivity. Have everyone stand in a circle. Toss a small ball or a beanbag to someone and have them say one positive thing. It can be anything they want, as long as it is positive. After they make their statement, they toss the ball to the next person who says something positive and so on. This gets everyone in the right frame of mind for the day and after several weeks, people will naturally start thinking more positively as they move through their days. Positive thinking will come in very handy once end-of-year stress starts to kick in.

Promote Passion Projects

Your team members likely have great ideas, so make Q4 a time to work on passion projects.  Solicit ideas from the group and have everyone vote on two or three to pursue. Once the projects have been chosen, break the group into teams and every Friday afternoon, let them spend a few hours working on those projects. This is a great way to mix up the group and encourage people to work together who have similar passions but may not always have a chance to work together. It is also an ideal way to find effective new ideas you may never have thought of before.

Friday Family Feud

Every Friday, break the team into two groups and play a few rounds of “Family Feud,” mixing up the teams each week. Make the questions about work, the company, specific projects and even specific team members (just keep it nice and make sure to include everyone). Let the group submit their own question ideas throughout the week and make Q4 Family Feud Fridays a short, fun and regular time to shrug off work and laugh together while engaged in a bit of friendly competition.

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