2023 Marketing Hiring Trends: 8 Predictions by Heidi Parsont, Torchlight CEO

by Susan Mullin

Without a doubt, 2022 has been a roller coaster year for employers, employees and candidates. As marketing recruiters, we’ve had a front-row seat to the many changes in the overall job market, as well as shifts in companies’ marketing priorities and hiring needs. If this past year is any indication, changes will keep coming in many areas including marketing strategy, budgets, and channels – and the required employee skills and experience needed for success. Read on for insightful predictions from TorchLight CEO Heidi Parsont on what trends to expect in the marketing hiring space in 2023…

2023 hiring trends

The jury is out on hiring.

Until the unemployment rate ticks up, I don’t expect we will see a great pullback in hiring. If earnings start to decline and the unemployment rate increases, it’s likely to affect marketing hiring.

Marketing budgets will be very fluid in 2023.

There are a lot of unknowns. We may see a pullback on spending – including hiring – depending on the sector and where organizations see their businesses going. We believe organizations will hire only the most essential employees to drive the results they need.

High-quality, niche-skilled marketing candidates will continue to be in high demand.

Hiring managers will need to act fast if they find the right candidate – or else someone else will grab them.

Optimization of paid media spend on channels that make the biggest impact will be important.

This translates into an increasing need for digital media specialists. Not just anyone, but those with the ability to maximize spend and quickly shift channels and tactics based on performance.

The return to in-person work means more in-person events as well.

That said, they may not be at the size and scale of the past. This will likely lead to a greater need for event planners with in-person and virtual event experience.

The increased demand for technical digital marketers with high-level automation skills and experience will continue.

This includes expert knowledge of automation platforms and the ability to implement automated campaigns that deliver results.

At the same time, we’ll see increased demand for highly specialized marketers.

There will likely be a lot more upskilling as well so that organizations can operate with fewer employees. It’s cheaper to lay off one person and train a high-performing experienced employee than hire anew. This will in part depend on various organizations’ overall performance and financial situations.

In the face of shifting budgets, contract-to-hire scenarios will be increasingly attractive.

They offer hiring managers the flexibility to bring someone on and let them go if budgets don’t allow.

As the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life.” What changes do you think 2023 will bring in the marketing and hiring space? Follow us on LinkedIn and share your thoughts on marketing hiring trends for the next year.

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