The Leading Reasons to Let Your Employees Work From Home One Day Each Week

by Susan Mullin


Did you know that one of the best perks you can offer as you seek to fill social media jobs in DC is the option to let employees work from home once a week?

Studies have shown that telecommuting increases levels of employee satisfaction, morale, productivity and loyalty. Researchers at Penn State University recently concluded that telecommuting does not blur boundaries between work and family. Rather, it alleviates conflicts that tend to upset this critical balance. Employees who work from home call out sick less, all the while completing their work at the same rate as that of their in-office colleagues. And a Stanford University study revealed that employees who work from home are 13 percent more productive.

More leading reasons to let employees work from home

If the numbers above aren’t enough, here are some additional reasons why telecommuting is good for business:

People waste less time commuting

This can be huge morale booster. In addition to saving time, your employees save on gas and auto maintenance, or the cost of public transportation, as well as related costs like work clothes, lunches and if applicable, child care. In a nutshell, it makes their lives easier and less stressful.

It’s easier than ever before

Thanks to the Internet and today’s technology, employees can connect from anywhere, at any time. A wide range of tools – including GoToMeeting and Skype, to name just two – make working remotely easy and efficient. You can use project management tools like Basecamp and Asana to manage remote employees and stay up to date on their activities, just as if they were in the office.

You save time and resources

Overhead costs decrease as you need less office space, utility usage and supplies. A typical business would save $11,000 per year for each employee who telecommutes. Plus, spend less time on non-productive meetings and informal “water cooler chats” that are ubiquitous to an office environment.

Attendance improves

Employee who don’t feel 100 percent but aren’t really sick (for instance, cold sufferers), can still finish their work out of the office. And it’s healthier for their colleagues, too!

There is less burnout

Americans continue to work more than anyone. Finishing a job from home can feel like a much-needed break. Even when it comes down to something as simple as wearing your sweatpants and favorite T-shirt.

It’s good for your employer brand

As word spreads, telecommuting translates into positive PR for your company in the candidate market. This potentially deal-breaking benefit may even draw in top performers from your competition.

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