Open to Work: How to Use LinkedIn’s Latest Job Search Feature, #OpenToWork

by Julie Rutherford

In the latest of LinkedIn’s additions to the every-growing network platform lies its new “open to work” feature, often referred to online as simply “#OpenToWork.”

iPhone open on a social networks folder to show how to use Linkedin's Open to Work feature

Designed for those who are currently employed but in the search for new job opportunities, LinkedIn’s new “open to work” feature lets recruiters know that you are actively job searching despite already having a position. To enable it simply go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “add profile section” button. Then select “Intro” followed by “Looking for job opportunities” where you will be prompted to add additional information. You can make it so that only recruiters can see it or for all LinkedIn members to see.

With the first selection, you enable those who have “LinkedIn Recruiter” on their profiles, or those who have paid access to the LinkedIn recruiter platform. Those at your company cannot find you with their LinkedIn recruiter profile. The second selection displays the “open to work” heading on your profile for everyone to see, so you may want to give it some thought before enabling it.

You can make the most out of this feature by specifying what types of opportunities you are looking for with hashtags, such as #PublicRelations #MarketingManager, etc. You can also include your preferred location to narrow down your choices. 

By doing this you are helping your profile show up in search results when recruiters are looking for candidates that fit their job descriptions.

Depending on how urgently you are looking for a job you can adjust the “Start Date” section and select either “Immediately, I’m actively applying” or “Flexible, I’m casually browsing.” 

This is an exciting new feature for those who are ready for a change but are not necessarily job hunting full time. With this addition to your profile, you can speed up your job search by attracting recruiters who are interested in hiring for similar positions as the ones in your hashtag. 

Let us know how LinkedIn’s most recent “open to work” feature works out for you, and find more career tips on our Job Seeker Toolkit. Happy job hunting!

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