National Work From Home Week: What it means to us

by Susan Mullin

Woman on a call on her laptop celebrating National Work From Home Week

To celebrate 2019 National Work From Home Week, TorchLight’s fully remote team shares what working from home means to us both personally and professionally. Read on to hear how remote work positively affects our families, work, health, and happiness!

Kathryn Bailey, Recruiting Manager

Working from home is a winning formula for Kathryn. “Not commuting to an office saves me time that I use to: 1) work more, 2) prepare dinner and 3) occasionally take a walk around the neighborhood to clear my head after a long day. Working from home benefits my employer, my family and the environment – everyone wins!”

Julie Lowe, Chief Culture Officer

Julie has worked from home exclusively for the past 7 years. “I have truly enjoyed the experience because it has offered me flexibility as a busy mom raising a child with special needs. I love the comfort of my home and I have lots of time to speak with (and see via teleconferencing) my colleagues, so I don’t feel isolated.  If I need some facetime with people, I schedule lunches, coffees and in-person meetings.  I am so accustomed to my work-at-home lifestyle, I can’t ever imagine going back into an office every day.  This arrangement has allowed me to have a great work-life balance many talk about, but I get to live it!”

Samantha Nguyen, Client Services Project Manager

Sammy enjoys many aspects of working from home:  “I have the time and environment I need to focus on my job duties and goals at hand—I am better able to apply myself in the comfort of my own home. There is also the benefit of being able to put in more valuable hours of work because I do not have to worry about or deal with a commute. Personally, this allows me to have the ability to take care of my home, see my husband who works demanding hours, and, of course, spend more time with my dog!”

Heidi Parsont, CEO and Founder

During National Work From Home Week, Heidi shares what remote work means to her … “I founded TorchLight to give myself and others the flexibility they need to be good employees and even better parents. In today’s world, when so much happens outside of core hours, it works better for my team and my family. I never want our team to feel like they need to choose between being at a child’s event and being present in an office. Flexibility and WFH also helps attract and retain talented employees when they feel trusted and valued.”

Heather Pederson, Senior Director of Recruiting Operations & Engagement

Why does Heather loves working from home? … I get along with everyone in the office and I can show up in pajamas with no make-up every day. In all seriousness, being a TorchLight Hire employee and being able to work from home is such a blessing. It gives me the freedom to get creative with how I collaborate with my team and be productive, while at the same time stay leaned into my family and be present for those special moments. I’m a better employee, wife, and mom because I work from home.

Stephanie Ranno, VP of Business Development & Account Management

Stephanie loves working from home:  “It can be good for your health, the health of your family, and the health of our world. When your kiddos are magically ready EARLY for school and the weather is just PERFECT, you say “YES!” to your 9-yr old’s request to walk to school. This was 15 minutes that I couldn’t have done if I had to be in the office for my 9am meeting. This was 15 minutes of extra hand holding, extra conversation, and extra exercise that ranks up there with one of the top reasons I LOVE my work.”

Beth Ranzer, Account Director

During this year’s National Work From Home Week, Beth reflects on what she sees as the benefits of working from home … “I love being able to focus on specific tasks and priorities rather than sitting in meetings all day and/or being pulled into things because I happen to be at my desk and available. I also love being able to go to a doctor’s appointment or kids’ school function as needed—and not feel guilty about taking that time since I can easily get back online and make up the hours.”

Amy Tsuchitani, Account Director

For Amy, working from home is *EVERYTHING!*  She writes … “Not being bogged down by a commute, so many more hours in the day being productive. Feeling trusted by your employer to be accountable–to own and take pride in the work we do.  Being able to fully experience a work/life balance–it is a true comfort to work in my home while thriving professionally.”

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