What It Takes to be a Strategic Marketing Manager in DC

by Susan Mullin

strategic marketing manager

Looking to take the next step in your career? You need to know what it takes to be a successful strategic marketing manager. Yes, your education and experience matter. That said, becoming a great marketing manager is about much more than your experience. You must develop certain qualities if you want to impress hiring managers and lead a marketing team.


Strategic marketing managers must hit their goals, but they also have to motivate their teams. You can’t motivate people unless you have passion. Passion is contagious, and it can help fuel other people’s fire to try new things and get more creative with their approaches.

Passion is also important because Marketing Managers must persuade corporate leaders and their clients to buy into their ideas. This is impossible if you are anything less than passionate about your strategies.


No matter how thoroughly you plan something out, you can be sure of one thing: The plan will experience a change or roadblock along the way. Marketing managers must be able to adjust to those roadblocks and take appropriate action quickly. Managers who get too married to “their way,” “their plan,” or “their idea” won’t succeed over the long term.

Team spirit

Strategic marketing managers know that it takes the entire team to achieve a goal; it is never the work of just one person. A hallmark of an exceptional marketing manager is someone who gives credit to the group for a success and who is willing to accept the blame for a failure. These simple philosophies build an exceptional amount of trust and loyalty among a marketing team.

Sales skills

No matter how much marketers try to hide from it, the fact is: Marketing is selling. As a strategic marketing manager, you must be able to sell any product or service that comes across your desk.  You need to be able to understand what your audience wants, and you must be able to give it to them. Persuading people to read your content, like your social media posts, click your link, pick up the phone, walk into a store, or request more information requires the ability to sell.

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