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Calling all Digital Marketers! Digital Marketing Strategist jobs are open near you!

TorchLight, DC’s #1 recruiter, wants to match you with companies that hire talented professionals

Advertising has moved primarily online, and jobs have followed. If you are a talented Digital Marketer or Strategist in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, Maryland or Baltimore areas, TorchLight wants to connect you to the companies that want to hire you.

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Digital marketing and content marketing experts make an impact at DC’s leading businesses

TorchLight, one of the best search and staffing firms in Washington, D.C., connects companies in in Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC with highly skilled marketing and communications professionals

Filling digital and content marketing jobs that require specialized skills can be a challenge—that’s why hiring managers at Washington’s top companies turn to TorchLight.

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Hiring managers: Are you trying to fill a full-time marketing job in D.C.? Look no further

In today’s competitive market, companies in the D.C. metro area rely on TorchLight to recruit and hire top marketing job seekers for their most important positions

When Washington, D.C.’s leading businesses need to fill vital full-time marketing jobs, they turn to TorchLight. As one of the area’s best marketing and communications search and staff firms, we know the industry inside and out—and we have connections to the talent you want to fill your critical job openings.

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I Know Enough to Be Dangerous, Part II

When your digital and mobile marketing skills need a boost, you don’t have to look too far to build them up

In Part I of this series, we emphasized that even if you’re a social media whiz among your friends and family, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have the right skills employees are looking for in today’s increasingly digital and mobile world.

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15 Marketing & Communications Trends for 2015

It won’t be long before the ball drops, ringing in another terrific year. Are you ready?

TorchLight Marketing Trends 2015

Before you pop that champagne cork in celebration, consider these significant trends sure to impact your business in the New Year.

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