What does remote work mean? The basics you need to know

by Julie Rutherford

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With the global pandemic that has erupted in the year 2020, millions of Americans and people around the globe have been let go from their jobs. The more fortunate bunch were able to remain at their positions with many having no choice but to transfer to online working, in order to minimize contact risk at on-site locations. This means that now a great portion of the international workforce has transferred onto remote work. But what many may be asking is “what exactly is remote work?”

Put simply it refers to a job that does not require you to commute into a physical office. This is often used interchangeably with the term “work from home.” In reality, remote work allows you to log onto your job from anywhere you want. It is a larger term which encompasses working from home, but can also refer to working from another space, whether that’s a shared workspace, from across the world, a local coffee shop, etc. The beauty of it is the flexibility that it grants workers who may not be in the same 100 miles radius.

Remote work: what it is

Technological advancements grant us the opportunity to work at jobs that are not on-site. Meetings, team management, and presentations can all be done through online platforms such as Zoom, Slack, CiscoWebex, etc. More companies are transferring into a remote workstyle each year as more tools are developed. A job can be fully remote meaning the employee works full time (around 40 hours) remotely or you can also be remote on designated days of the week. Companies are constantly experimenting with different organizational work structures to find a flexible practice that works best for everyone. 

Remote work, whether from the home or any other space of choice, has been gaining traction for quite a few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Statistics on attitudes towards WFH practices and productivity promise encouraging results showing us that remote work is the future.

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