Going Beyond the Blog: 5 Things You Should Do With Every Piece of Blog Content

Unless your company blog is as popular as Buzzfeed, you will have to do more than just post an article and wait for the visitors to roll in. Optimizing and promoting blog content is critical if you want to boost your website visits and generate more sales. If you are hiring for content marketing employment in Washington, make sure every candidate you talk to knows to do these five things with every piece of blog content.

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Are you a Washington company searching for a marketing consultant to assist with a short-term project?

TorchLight’s team of recruiters help leading businesses in Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC find skilled marketing, digital, PR and communications professionals looking for permanent or temporary positions.

Today’s marketing teams need to not only keep up with project demands, but also develop the digital skills needed to keep your company on top—a challenge for many overworked marketers. In these situations, hiring managers can benefit from bringing in a marketing contractor to ease the workload or fill a void on the team. By bringing in a consultant, you’ll increase the effectiveness of your team without adding to the company’s headcount. At TorchLight, we’re confident we can match you with a seasoned marketing professional eager to temporarily step in, share special expertise and help your team accomplish its goals.

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Stephanie Ranno Joins Alexandria-Based TorchLight Hire as Director of Enterprise Business Development

Recruiting industry veteran joins D.C. region’s fastest-growing marketing and communications search and staffing firm to lead strategic partnerships with Fortune 5000 enterprises

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (November 14, 2017) — TorchLight Hire, one of the Washington, D.C. region’s fastest-growing marketing and communications search and staffing firms, today announced that recruiting industry veteran Stephanie Ranno, formerly with Profiles of Baltimore, has joined the firm as Director of Enterprise Business Development.

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What It Takes to Land a Marketing Manager Role in D.C.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing pro ready to take the next step into management, or a current marketing manager looking for new opportunities, you need the right strategy to land a marketing manager role in DC.  If you’re ready to take the leap, here’s what it takes to be successful.

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Could a PR consultant dramatically improve your company’s image?

TorchLight matches leading businesses in DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland with the area’s best marketing, communications and public relations professionals searching for permanent or temporary positions

A talented PR consultant can effectively communicate an important message to the public or transform your company’s image. If you’re looking for a professional to help with a short-term project, TorchLight can connect you to the best public relations consultants in the Washington area.

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How to Create a Work Environment That Leads to Better Brainstorming and Creativity

Marketing, PR and other creative teams need creative work environments to be successful. Without new ideas, your company can’t compete. The good news? Improving workplace creativity doesn’t have to take a lot of time or even a lot of effort. Use these strategies to turn your team into a creative machine.

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Have an open marketing job in your DC, Northern Virginia or Maryland company?

TorchLight’s experienced recruiters specialize in matching Washington’s leading businesses with top marketing, communications and PR job seekers looking for full-time, part-time or contract opportunities.

With the growing demands on marketing and communications departments, filling a void on your team may be a priority, but finding the right candidate can be a challenge—not to mention time-consuming. Let TorchLight help you fill your important marketing job opening.

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Could your D.C. business benefit from help hiring a marketing contractor?

The experienced marketing recruiters at TorchLight, an Alexandria-based search and staffing firm, help match Washington, D.C. companies with highly skilled marketing, communications and PR professionals in full-time, part-time or short-term positions.

In today’s fast-paced, need-it-now world, marketing contractors can be especially valuable to companies trying to keep up. If you have a project that could use an extra pair of hands, or you’re trying to fill a temporary void on your marketing team, a contractor can save the day by stepping in at a moment’s notice. Let TorchLight connect you to highly qualified freelance marketers eager to fill your immediate need.

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Managing a Social Media Meltdown: The 4 Steps to Take During Crisis Mode

The major Equifax data breach that put over 140 million Americans’ personal data at risk was a major crisis. The credit reporting agency reported the breach on a Thursday. The next morning, the official @AskEquifax Twitter account published a tweet wishing everyone a “Happy Friday!” The public was quick to pile on, with responses that ranged from disappointment to sarcasm to wishes for the social media manager’s death.

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Looking for an Excellent Candidate for Your Product Marketing Job Opening in DC, Northern Virginia or Maryland?

Let our experienced marketing communications recruiters, based in Alexandria, Virginia, help you find the right candidate to help your company achieve its most important marketing goals.

Product marketing specialists have proven to be valuable to D.C.’s leading businesses—could your company benefit from hiring someone with product positioning expertise? TorchLight can connect you to marketing professionals with this unique skillset.

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