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3 Reasons to Use TorchLight for Your Company’s DC Marketing Recruiting

Looking for DC marketing recruiting help? Call TorchLight!

The job market is hot in DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland right now and your business is working hard on marketing recruiting in the DC metro area.

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Horrific DC Traffic Hurting Your Hiring Efforts?

Communications job in DC with easy commute

What D.C.’s Nasty Traffic Means For Your Next Hire (and What You Can Do About It)

Those of us who live in the D.C. Metro area know commuting takes frustration to a new level—traffic is a nightmare, public transportation is less than ideal, and the traditional rush “hour” expands beyond the norms of most major cities. In fact, D.C. has some of the highest percentage of the country’s mega-commuters—people who travel more than 90 minutes a day, with 27 percent of people spending two hours a day commuting, according to the Census Bureau. And all of this can limit your hiring options.

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In the Search for Communications Jobs in D.C., Start with TorchLight

TorchLight connects candidates in the market for new communications jobs with Washington, D.C. area companies looking to hire

Whether you’re highly motivated to find a new communications job in Washington , Maryland or Northern Virginia , or whether you are simply exploring potential new opportunities, the team at TorchLight would like to know about you.

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Are you looking for a D.C. communications job?

At TorchLight, we match our clients with top professionals seeking communication jobs in D.C.

As one of the best communications search firms in the Washington, D.C. area, TorchLight understands searching for a new communications job can be challenging. Finding a company that fits your skills and values your strengths is no easy task. Let TorchLight help.

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Your Copywriter is Not Dead

TorchLight, the Washington D.C. area’s leading marketing and communications search firm, sheds light on why writing skills still matter—and why your copywriter is your most powerful marketing weapon.

Cursive writing is no longer being taught in many schools. Text messaging is replacing the phone call for quick communication. Electronic newsletters are more commonplace than paper ones.

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Tips for Your DC Marketing Job Search: Making the Move from Corporate to Nonprofit

TorchLight, one of the Washington D.C. region’s leading marketing and communications search and staffing firms, shares our tips for job-seekers considering a move from corporate to nonprofit work

TorchLight is the trusted search and staffing firm serving the the Washington D.C. region,home to hundreds of nonprofits and associations that provide robust employment opportunities for marketing and communications professionals.

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