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How to Create a Work Environment That Leads to Better Brainstorming and Creativity

Marketing, PR and other creative teams need creative work environments to be successful. Without new ideas, your company can’t compete. The good news? Improving workplace creativity doesn’t have to take a lot of time or even a lot of effort. Use these strategies to turn your team into a creative machine.

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Are you looking for a communications job in the D.C. metro area? The area’s leading businesses are searching for top talent

Hiring managers turn to TorchLight, one of the best marketing and communications search and staffing firms in Washington, D.C., to fill their open communications jobs

Spring is known as the season of new beginnings—are you ready for a fresh start? Polish up your resume and look for a new communications job in the DMV region with the help of TorchLight.

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Top Questions Every Candidate Should Ask in an Interview

How a little extra preparation will help you land your next DC marketing and communications job opportunity

You heard about an exciting marketing or communications role with a great Washington, DC-area company,  you’ve submitted your resume and likely gone through a few rounds of initial screenings to land an interview. Leading up to the day of the interview you have fastidiously prepared by researching the company’s website, reading any recent news articles about the organization, looking up the interviewers on LinkedIn, and rehearsing for any and all questions you might get during the interview. Well done! But you are only halfway there…

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How to Work with Gen Xers

Much has been written about the influx of Millennials into the workplace and how their attitudes, experiences and expectations are shaping the modern work world. But, before the Milliennials, there were Generation Xers. Today, the men and women of Generation X are your mid-level managers who are running their companies, managing employees, making the hiring decisions and climbing to the top of the organization.

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8 Tips to Impress During an Online Interview

Technology is changing how hiring managers conduct interviews. Are you prepared?

Businessman on video conference with her colleague in office job

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I Know Enough to Be Dangerous, Part II

When your digital and mobile marketing skills need a boost, you don’t have to look too far to build them up

In Part I of this series, we emphasized that even if you’re a social media whiz among your friends and family, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have the right skills employees are looking for in today’s increasingly digital and mobile world.

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Do You Know Enough to be Dangerous?

Move over Facebook and Twitter. In today’s marketing and communications world, expertise involves command of tools like Marketo, Eloqua and Tableau

You’re an avid Facebook user. You met your spouse online. Maybe you even helped your mother-in-law set up a blog to document her gardening hobby.

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The Nonverbal Interview: What You Don’t Say is Often More Important than What You Do

More TorchLight tips on interviewing for marketing and communications jobs in D.C.

Our team of experienced marketing recruiters have written before with practical advice for D.C. marketing and communications job seekers about how to prepare for an interview, such as doing your research, getting your resume ready, showing up on time, and so on. But beyond an impressive resume and perfect preparation, what can really set you apart from the next candidate are those oft overlooked nonverbal behaviors that leave a lasting impression – for better or worse.

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Smart DC Marketing Professionals Know It Pays to Keep Learning

TorchLight Hire’s “Pulse of the Industry” Survey of DC marketing pros shows that professional development is key

Whether you’re a currently employed DC marketing professional or a candidate seeking a DC marketing and communications job, there is one universal truth: In the age of smartphones, laptops, tablets and more, it is easy to find ourselves inundated with things to do, emails to remember, phone calls to make and the list goes on.

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