TorchLight Weekly News Roundup: Top 10 must-read articles and posts for managers, employees and job seekers

by Julie Rutherford

We know it can be challenging to keep up on all the latest news and trends in hiring, management, the job market and other important topics. To make it easier for you to stay up-to-date, we’ve launched a new blog featuring our team’s top 10 list of must-read articles and posts from this past week. Enjoy!

The Great Resignation: 6 things leadership can do to prepare (Currents, University of Wisconsin La Crosse Blog)

Salary history bans: A running list of states and localities that have outlawed pay history questions (HR Dive)

3 tips to help you find a mentor in the hybrid workplace (TorchLight Hire Blog)

The U.S. economy added 943,000 jobs in July, as the labor market recovery boomed (Washington Post)

Increasing Diversity 101: 3 Reasons Why You May be Losing Applicants (Increase Diversity Newsletter)

Companies Want Remote Workers in All States but 1 (The Atlantic)

The Best Lesson a Manager Ever Taught Me (Harvard Business Review)

Americans Are Willing to Take Pay Cuts to Never Go Into the Office Again (Bloomberg)

Gen X workers may be facing the biggest unemployment crisis, study finds (CNBC)

Opinion: The majority Americans lack college degree. Why do so many employers require one? (Washington Post)

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